On the 13th and 14th of March the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, as Lead Partner, hosted the Kick off meeting of the project INTER-CONNECT (Intermodality Promotion and Rail Renaissance in Adriatic – Ionian Region) financed under the Interreg ADRION Programme and funded by the ERDF and IPAII funds.

The Major of Igoumenitsa, Mr. Ioannis Lolos, by welcoming project participants, stated that INTER-CONNECT represents a great opportunity to streamline and enhance passengers flows in the region. “Concrete proposals for the alleviation of existing inefficiencies, connectivity, interoperability, intermodality constraints and fragmentation in the development of intermodal door-to-door transportation in the Region will be the main input for the action plan to be developed during project implementation” he stated.

The meeting - attended by all project partners – has represented an important occasion to discuss about the first activities to be implemented, according to the recently approved application form.

The Municipality of Igoumenitsa presented an overview of the project rationale & work plan and provided participants with clear information about the set up phase, main activities to be implemented and reporting procedures.


Three specific technical sessions have taken place, thus providing project partners with an in-depth analysis of the main expected outputs of INTER-CONNECT Project:

  • The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region focused on capitalization of existing knowledge in passengers’ intermodal transportation and rail use (from policy documents and strategies as well as from previous best practices) as a basis for the development of INTER-CONNECT new analysis;
  • Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation highlighted the fundamental role played by the 8 case studies that will be developed within INTER-CONNECT project, thus allowing a better understanding of the ADRION region in terms of needs, challenges and potentials for promoting passenger’s intermodality;
  • The Hellenic Institute of Transport (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) presented the Intermodal Passenger Transport Roadmap that will be defined thanks to the project. Based on the experiences gained during INTER-CONNECT implementation a strategy for the ADRION region will give input to future policies, generalizing and translating project’s results into recommendations for future public and private actions for intermodal and rail transport promotion;
  • Central European Initiative – Executive Secretariat, as responsible for Communication & dissemination activities, gave an overview of the planned actions to be implemented during the whole project life-time and stressed the importance of an effective involvement of specific stakeholder’s in the implementation of INTER-CONNECT solutions.

Finally, the participants discussed about the path for defining INTER-CONNECT strategy, aiming at promoting the enhancement and promotion of intermodal and rail transport in the region.

Inter-Connect 2nd meeting will be held in Bologna (Italy) on Tuesday June 12th and Wednesday June 13th.