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Submissions for TEN-T funding

The TEN-T program is a European Commission program aimed at developing the Trans-European Transport Networks. It includes priority projects for roadway and combined transport, inland waterways, and sea harbours, as well as the European high-speed rail network. All funding is provided for studies or construction work contributing to the project’s global objectives.

The Province of Ferrara is has been involved in 2 projects as part of the TEN-T program.

The first project, “Upgrades of the Waterway of Ferrara and connection to the Padano-Veneto Waterway System” was a response to the EU call for submission for the 2012 program and involves a € 40 million expenditure for the sections already underway. The EU grant has funded 10% of the total amount. The project was presented as part of the Priority 1 – Accelerate/facilitate the implementation of TEN-T projects, subpriority 1.2 pertaining to inland waterways.

The second project is a study titled “The Waterway of Ferrara: linking the Waterway of Ferrara and the Padano-Veneto Waterway System: exploring the elimination of bottlenecks in the City of Ferrara“. It was presented as part of the 2013 program, and focuses on technical solutions for the removal of four bottlenecks hindering inland navigation along the Volano branch of the Po. These bottlenecks are: the existing railway bridge on the Bologna-Padova line in proximity to the Ferrara railway station; the Porta Reno, San Giorgio, and Prinella bridges. 50% of the costs are covered by the European Commission, for a total contribution of € 502,500.00.

Both projects were concluded on 31/12/2015.

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