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The context and the global project

The river Po is the largest river in Italy; it is a section of the Mediterranean Corridor Milano – Cremona - Mantova – Ravenna - Trieste.


Project INIWAS

The Po River, the longest in Italy, is located on a pre-identified section along the Mediterranean Corridor, Milano-Cremona-Mantova-Venezia-Ravenna-Trieste. The proposed Action is part of a Global Project improving the existing infrastructure and developing missing links within Northern Italy's inland waterway transport network.

It aims to:

  • build a new lock in Emilia-Romagna that will allow navigation on the Po to be extended until the city of Piacenza towards Piemonte Region;
  • upgrade two canals in the Veneto Region through a new river turning basin;
  • upgrade the Boicelli Canal to improve the link between Ferrara and the Po river through two siphons and by increasing the two underbridge clearances on the canal to allow navigation of class Va vessels.

The proposed Action is an important part of an overall policy for the development of the whole Northern Italy economic area.

The Project is in continuity with actions already funded in the programme TEN-T 2007-2013.

The Action «Improvement of Northern Italy Waterway System: removal on physical bottlenecks to reach the standards of the inland waterways class V» is a part of the Global Project, improving the existing infrastructures and developing missing links within the Northern Italy inland waterway transport network.

The Action aims to eliminate six bottlenecks along river Po and improve compliance to EMCT prescriptions for Class V vessels.

The main activities are:

1. Construction of a new lock at Isola Serafini;

2. Construction of a turning basin at Porto Levante;

3. Improvement of Canale Boicelli through the upgrading of two bridges and two culvert siphons.


The activities

1 - New Lock at Isola Serafini

The new lock of “Isola Serafini” will allow overcoming the barrier regulating the river Po, close to Monticelli (Piacenza). The existing lock was built at the beginning of the 60s, in conjuction to the artificial barrier of the power plant, and it cannot be used for most of the year, because of the low level of water of the river Po. 





2 - Construction of a turning basin at Porto Levante

The activity was related to the realization of a new embankment with the expansion of the width of Po river in order to create a turning basin for the turn about of ships entering in Porto Levante (RO).




3 – Boicelli Canal Upgrading

The objective of the Action is to upgrade the section between Pontelagoscuro and Ferrara of the Ferrarese Waterway, along the Canal Boicelli, improving the link with the river Po and the rest of the Northern Italy Waterway System. At the present stage, the existing infrastructure prevents the passage of class Va vessels and constitutes bottlenecks to the navigability of the river, preventing the full implementation of the transport in the western section of the waterway and its efficient link with the Po river.



Sub-activity 3.1: Bardella Bridge

the clearance raising the Bardella Bridge located on Boicella Canal needs to be adapted  in order to allow the transit for vessels of Class Va.




Sub-activity 3.2: Railway bridge on Boicelli Canal 

The clearance raising the railway bridge located on Boicelli Canal needs to be adapted in order to allow the transit for vessels of  Class Va.




Sub-activity 3.3: Culvert siphon in the city section of the canal

The sub-activity consists in the construction of a new culvert siphon downstream from the Via Michelini bridge (Ferrara) and the subsequent demolition of the existing culvert siphon.



Sub-activity 3.4: Canal Bianco Culvert siphon

The sub-activity consists in the construction of a new culvert siphon close to the Betto Bridge, and the subsequent demolition of the existing culvert siphon.




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