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The course: a map of operations

The Waterway of Ferrara project, which is included in the national (PGT and Logistics Plan) and regional planning (PRIT), puts the community and citizens at the centre of the territorial redevelopment, with the aim of triggering a model of economic and productive development that is sustainable and durable.


The project

The Waterway of Ferrara is a project promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region, coordinated by the Province of Ferrara and publicly funded for a total of €145 million. It involves 8 municipalities included in the territory between Ferrara and Comacchio and it aims to upgrade waterways for navigation by European class VA vessels between Pontelagoscuro and Porto Garibaldi.
On its way to the sea, the course crosses a territory rich in cultural and culinary traditions.
The following developments are planned for the entire waterway:

  • Embankment, support and reinforcement operations
  • Cycling lanes and walking paths
  • Moorings
  • New bridges
  • New docks
  • Docking and launching facilities
  • Green areas

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