Port of Ravenna, the point on freight traffic data

Published the informations about 2019, with a framework on the regional economy

The Italian economy closes 2019 with a 0.2% growth in GDP. According to the 2019 Report on the regional economy of Emilia-Romagna, produced in collaboration with Unioncamere and the Region, with the estimates of Prometeia, Emilia-Romagna is the second Italian region by value of exports and among the first regions of Europe for export per inhabitant. It closes 2019 positively, with GDP growth expected to be 0.5%.

To support manufacturing, once again, exports are expected to grow by almost 5%, a variation greater than the national figure (+ 2.5%).

In the port of Ravenna, handling in 2019 was equal to 26,256,248 tons of goods, slightly down on the previous year (-1.6%). Landings and boardings were 22,412,881 (-1.8%) and 3,843,367 (+ 0.5%) tons, respectively.

In particular, the railway traffic of 2019 was positive, with 3,566,129 tons recorded its historical record with a slight increase of 0.1% compared to 2018, representing 13.6% of the total moved to the port.

Grains and flours increased significantly to 235,108 tons, quadrupled compared to last year. Liquid chemicals also increased, amounting to 240,657 (+ 18.7%), metallurgists, amounting to over 2 million tons (+ 0.8%) and containerized goods (+ 8.8%).

The departures of raw materials for ceramics fell to 862,967 (-20.6%).

The TEUs transported by rail amounted to 16,531, 7.6% of the port traffic of containers net of the transhipment.


Emilia-Romagna Region takes part in REIF european project

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