Reif european project, join the Transfer Conference and Award Ceremony of the Shift to Regional Rail Award!

Online, 9th March 2022. Informations and link to subscribe

Shift to rail is one of the main challenges to reach the Green Deal objectives in transport and one of the key issues in the European Year of Rail. However, a modal shift towards rail has not occurred, neither in passenger nor freight transport where is too low and basically stagnated – Rail Market Monitoring 2021.

To reverse this negative trend huge investment programs and strategic actions and roadmaps are under implementation with a focus on main corridors and, complementary to them, the INTERREG Central Europe REIF Project focuses on leverage the rail potential still unexploited analysing regional potentials for rail freight transport, identifying infrastructural bottlenecks and effective measures for either preserving vulnerable connections or even redeveloping closed tracks.

During the Transfer Conference we’ll go through the existing and future international policies and measures to accelerate the modal shift and through the REIF project actions implemented; furthermore the voice of the international associations representing industry players will join the debate to deepen the state of the art and their perspectives on how to face these huge challenges.

The event will be also the stage for the Award Ceremony of the Shift to Regional Rail Award: we’ll meet the best practices selected concerning public actions, measures and policies implemented or under implementation that produced outstanding results and achievements in promoting rail freight transport.

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