European Reif project on rail freight transport, the state of the art

Let's start an overview with pilot action 2, focused on the Eric intermodal cluster

To analyse in depth the potential of the rail network, aiming to trace bottlenecks in infrastructure and connections and to identify environmentally friendly solutions in favour of increasing rail freight transport.

These are the objectives of the European project Reif (Regional Infrastructure for Railway Freight Transport revitalised), in which Emilia-Romagna Region and Itl (Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation) participate together with 10 other project partners and 10 associated partners, belonging to 6 different countries (Italy, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and Poland).

The implementation of specific pilot actions pursues the dual objective of overcoming the discontinuities of the rail network and transferring the good practices learned between the various regional contexts.

eric_copertina.jpgAmong these pilot actions, in particular, in the Emilia-Romagna territory, let's take a look at no. 2, focused on the Emilia-Romagna intermodal cluster (ER. I.C) which aims to support intermodal transport through collaborative initiatives in strategic areas: education, training, internationalization.

Eric's members are the Port Authority of Ravenna, terminal operators, the railway company and the managers of the main regional freight villages and the intermodal platform.

Given the multiplicity and variety of actors involved, actions must be defined from a formal and legal point of view: scope, rules, main responsibilities, according to a roadmap organized in two levels:

Level 1: General agreement between public organizations and public and private logistics companies for the development of collaborative initiatives concerning strategic areas (training, simplification of regulation, EU funding, cluster internationalization activities)

Level 2: Commercial agreement (network of enterprises) between public organizations and public and private logistics companies to increase business opportunities on intermodal freight transport.

Results and next steps

The general agreement was formally approved by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the general structure of the network contract was drawn up. (see news

The next activities of the pilot action will focus on the definition of a set of internal rules for ER.I.C. system and a video will be prepared as a communication tool to disseminate the initiatives of the regional intermodal cluster.

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