Emilia-Romagna, work begins to build an underground railway

Benefits are expected for rail freight traffic

Work begins on monday 11 May on the construction of an underground railway: two lines – towards Codigoro and Romagna respectively – that cross the city of Ferrara, as well as the completion of the Suzzara-Rimini joint, which is particularly concerned with freight traffic.

An infrastructure, with a total cost of more than 34.5 million euros, which will be able to significantly ease the traffic problems.

It is a strategic investment not only because of the importance it has for the railway hub of Ferrara, but also because of the positive impact it will have on the entire roadway of the Eastern city. And it is also a clear signal that, after the lockdown of recent months, Emilia-Romagna is ready to start again with quality public works and investments that can benefit citizens and create good jobs.

In particular, the work unifies in a single railway site - to be built largely in trenches and artificial tunnel - the two existing railway lines that, leaving the Ferrara Station, head to Codigoro (FER Line) and Ravenna-Rimini (RFI Line) respectively, resolving the related rail interference with the roadway of the city of Ferrara.

In addition, the project envisages the completion of the "Bretella Suzzara-Rimini", a partially realized work, which develops in the trench/artificial tunnel and which aims to directly connect the lines of the same name, creating a by-pass on the Ferrara station in order to allow, in particular, the freight traffic that is intended to be upgraded on the link between the Port of Ravenna and the Brenner, not to enter the station to reverse the direction.

reif_logo_web_small.pngEmilia-Romagna Region takes part in REIF european project

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