Another 48 million euros to upgrade the Port of Ravenna: two new freight rail lines

To start again after the lockdown: public investment for sustainable growth and employment

Another 48 million euros to upgrade the railway yard that serves the port of Ravenna: a strategic hub for Italy and the first port point of goods imported into Emilia-Romagna.

In this yard, 3.5 million tons of the goods handled (26.5 in total) travel by rail, for a passage of more than 7,000 trains, data that place it among the first in Italy for rail traffic: a constant growth in demand for rail transport, to and from the port area.

And just to strengthen the freight rail station, a budget of 47.7 million euros is being made by the Italian Railway Network (Rfi) for work on the two railway lines to the left and right of the Candiano canal. This is in addition to the eur 25.9 million for construction sites that will close largely within the year, for a total of 73.6 million euros.

For interventions on the right side of the Candiano are allocated 26.7 million euros including expenses for technologies, equipment, civil works and buildings; whereas those on the left side will be financed for 21 million euros.

A new station will be built at the Base in the Right Candiano that includes: centralization and electrification of the six existing tracks with the insertion of sections of tracks of independence and stop for electric locomotives, connections and adjustments of the tracks, construction of a building for the activity of maneuvering, centralization and electrification of the connecting ridge between Ravenna station and the new station in Right Candiano.

The stopover on the left side will consist of 12 tracks, all electrified and centralized, one used as a circulation track towards the backbone of the junctions; seven tracks used as an "arrival and departure beam" (temporary stop or for verification and preparation for departing trains); two tracks used as a "beam of grip and delivery", two tracks used for temporary stopping of wagons that do not conform to the characteristics of the train departing or arriving.

A first phase of the work has already been started in part. With regard to these interventions, by the summer the interventions for the resumption of operation of the current left-wing Candiano airport (3.1 million euros) are expected to be completed. By December, the replacement of the Theodoric overpass will begin work on the removal of the "Molinetto canal" level crossing.

In detail, the works are: the extension of the pedestrian underpass of the station for 2.8 million euros, the adjustment of the Teodoric overpass above the railway track (5 million euros), the construction of the driveway underpass, replacement of the passage at the level of via canal Molinetto (15 million euros) and the design of the extension of the right-wing railway in the Peninsula.

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