Port of Ravenna, work in progress on the new Teodorico Bridge: hub upgrade, freight rail traffic and urban regeneration

Strategic infrastructure for the competitiveness of the territory, public investment and sustainability to start again

The port economy is growing, Ravenna railway station is freed from a large part of the freight traffic and an area close to the old town is being redeveloped. In recent days, work has started on the makeover of the Teodorico Bridge, the railway-riding that overlooks the tracks of the Bologna-Ravenna and Ferrara-Ravenna lines and connects the Darsena area to the city centre.

The new bridge, costing 9 million euros, will bypass the beam of tracks of the central station, will be arched, with a single span of 56 meters wide: dimensions that allow to pass on the tracks below the trains that carry the containers of the latest generation and trailers of trucks, the so-called "travelling highways".

The work is part of the upgrade of the port hub of Ravenna that Italian Railway Network (Rete ferroviaria italiana) makes for almost 74 million, one of the largest investments among the sea stops. Strategic for the development of the Port of Ravenna will in fact be the construction of the new freight stations left and right Candiano, which will bring the destination of freight trains closer to the loading and unloading areas inside the port area, avoiding the intermediate stop in Ravenna train station that will finally say goodbye to the freight port in the urban area.

After the demolition of the old bridge, by the end of June, the backs of the scaffolding, the containment walls will be built and finally the new bridge will be launched, on which the road pavement will be laid and then reopened to traffic in December this year.

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